The Merits of Minimalism

Are you planning to move, downsize or declutter?

This may be an opportunity to embrace a simpler, pared-back lifestyle. We will look at the merits of minimalism.

What is Minimalism?

Originally a design style embracing simple forms and structure, minimalism has been adopted across the world as a different way of living.

In a nutshell, minimalism encourages less dependence on wealth and possessions and promotes the search for happiness and inner peace in non-material ways.

Some devotees take minimalism to the extreme, giving away all of their possessions and living in bare, empty rooms.

Most people however are more moderate and think of minimalism as a way to live with less physical clutter.

This in turn ‘declutters’ the mind, allowing clarity of thought, more intentional living and the development of a clear life purpose.

There is an abundance of advice, resources and content available on the subject of minimalism.

Some of the common ideas  of minimalism are as follows:

Money Is a Tool, Not the Goal

While many of the principles of minimalism relate to money and the purpose it serves, minimalists see money as the vehicle to achieve their priorities and help them focus their lives.

Saving money and acquiring wealth for its own sake is not the purpose of minimalism.

Many minimalists seek to achieve financial freedom in order to help them achieve their broader goals and higher purpose in life.

Stop Acquiring for the Sake of It

Minimalism means giving preference to items which are both functional and aesthetically pleasing – or buying only what you need to live a decent, dignified life.

Minimalists avoid shopping as recreation and do not try to buy their happiness. Many people who embrace minimalism find that when they stop crowding their homes and lives with material possessions, their minds are free to focus on the goals that lead to true happiness and contentment.

Minimise Distractions and Find Your Purpose

While many of the fundamentals of minimalism focus on the economic and monetary aspects, there is also a strong emphasis on finding mental clarity, channeling your thoughts towards definite goals and freeing your mind from distractions.

Some ways to do this include:

  • Limiting your consumption of social media, TV and video games
  • Spending more time outside and in nature
  • Living each day with purpose and intention
  • Spending time with friends and family – and prioritising the quality of your relationships over the quantity
  • Making note of the things that bring you happiness and a sense of purpose, and making these a bigger part of your life
  • Maintaining a healthy diet, exercising regularly and getting good quality sleep

Don’t be Distracted by Fashions, Fads and Trends

Keeping up with trends is a tiring and expensive pastime. Minimalism encourages choosing durable and long-lasting items that pass the test of time. Minimalists aim for classic style over fast-fashion.

Repair, Replace and Reuse Instead of Buying and Upgrading

Upgrading can be an addiction, especially when faced with the sophisticated marketing ploys of tech companies, and social-media-fuelled peer pressure.

While being a minimalist doesn’t mean never buying anything new, it does mean repairing and re-using what you already have, and replacing items with those of equal value, rather than costly upgrades every time.

Focus on Quality, Not Quantity

This can apply to cars, clothes, coffeemakers and relationships! Minimalists appreciate and make use of what they have rather than always looking for more.


If you have decided to adopt minimalism -either tentatively or wholeheartedly –  you may have made the decision to downsize or declutter your home.

Getting rid of the possessions you no longer need or want can be the first step to adopting a more minimalistic outlook on life.

This may lead to a decision to downsize to a smaller property. Read about the pros and cons of downsizing.

If you decide to stay where you are but undertake a big decluttering project instead, there is a wealth of guidance and information available on this subject.

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