Our Stories

Assisting and supporting our clients  throughout one of life’s most stressful events is the cornerstone of our business.

We look forward to sharing stories and recollections from our team members and trusted partners which demonstrate our core values of trust, respect and discretion.

The Wedding Ring

A recollection from Zara,  Relocations Consultant with Blue Lighthouse Relocations.

"A wedding ring symbolises one of the happiest days of most peoples' lives. Losing that memory can be devastating.''

“Moving house can be stressful and anxious. This move day we were moving a lovely couple and as we got toward the end of the load-up, the couch was one of the last things to be removed from the house.

As our removalists lifted the couch up out of the house there was a ‘ding’ sound, similar to when you drop an earring or a coin on the floor.

I saw that there was a ring on the floor which must have been dropped and forgotten about. As we do, I took the ring to the client to let him know that this was under his couch.

To me and the other team members of Blue Lighthouse, this didn’t seem like much -we find valuable things in hiding spots all the time, and we always let the client know.”

This ring had so much value to our client. He almost started tearing up when I gave it to him, and he said to me, “this is my wife’s wedding ring and its been lost for 12 years”.

After the seven-plus moves this couple had done since they lost the ring, they were-amazed and so thankful that we had found it.

They were so grateful that “we were honest and truthful about finding it, because ‘most removalists find something of value like this and put it in their pocket'”.

Throughout the rest of the move he kept thanking us for finding this ring.

How comforting it is to know that the Blue Lighthouse team exists to provide such a wonderful service to everyone”.