Make Yourself at Home: The Art of Settling In

Moving -it’s one of life’s most stressful events, despite the excitement of new surroundings.

Whether you are moving out of financial necessity, for a change of scene or to start a new chapter in your life, the process of moving and settling in can be tiring and anxious.

We have some assembled some ideas  for making this process a little easier and more enjoyable.

Start With the Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of any home. Unpack your kitchen utensils, then put on the kettle, cook a simple meal or order some takeaway. (Moving is tiring!) With family and friends gathered around the kitchen table for a meal, you will soon start to feel at home.

Cooking a simple meal, firing up the barbie or sharing some wine and cheese is great way to introduce yourself to your neighbours and to get to know your neighbourhood.

Put Your Stamp on Your New Place – or Start Fresh

Your new home is a blank slate –  you can make it more familiar by bringing décor and furniture from your old property -plants, rugs, knickknacks, cushions and lamps – or you may choose to start fresh with a whole new look and style.

A coat of paint, fresh curtains and blinds and a new colour scheme can give your new surroundings a fresh feel, inspire and motivate.

In addition, moving or downsizing is the perfect opportunity to find a new home for the belongings you have outgrown or no longer have room for.

Settle Your Pets and Kids

Moving to a new location can be stressful for pets and children.

Make kids’ rooms a priority for unpacking and assembling furniture. Having favorite clothes and toys to hand will make the transition for children a little easier.

If possible, visit your new neighbourhood before move day with your children and show them their new school and the location of sports grounds and places for fun activities. This will help inspire excitement and enthusiasm for their new home.

Don’t wash your pet’s bedding or toys straight away – the familiar smell will help them feel at home. Keep their meal and walking routines consistent, and stay at home as much as you can in the beginning, in order to make them feel safe and secure.

Discovering a new park or walking track for your pet may help you settle in and meet other pet owners in the neighbourhood.

Make Friends with Your Neighbourhood

Start with your new neighbours – they can be an excellent source of information about the best facilities, where to shop and which schools have a good reputation.

Forming friendships will make the task of settling into a new area a lot easier.

Spend some time getting to know the local area by walking around, shopping in the local shopping centre and attending local community events.

Keep It Cosy

The best way to settle in to your new home is to – stay at home! Start a DIY or garden landscaping project, host a housewarming party or just spend the weekend enjoying your new space by cooking, finishing your unpacking, playing board games, enjoying the company of your loved ones or creating a space in your new home where you feel safe and at peace.

Is a house relocation on the cards?

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