Make Your House Move Simple and Stress-Free

If you have moved house before, you will already know how stressful it is and how much planning goes into this major life event.

While booking a professional removalist service is often part of the plan, there is much you can do in the weeks and days beforehand to make your house move simple and stress-free.

Pack Smart

Doing the packing yourself? Some removalist services offer a full pack and move service for customers who would like to save time or who need some extra assistance.

If you are packing your belongings yourself, follow these handy tips to make this task as pain-free as possible:

-Start packing as early as you can – this is also a great opportunity to de-clutter. Make a list of the items you won’t need until after you are settled in your new home – and pack these first.

-Don’t skimp on packing supplies – buy plenty of boxes, tape, packing insulation, newspaper or tissue paper, markers and scissors.

-Create a colour-coded Post-It note or label system to make the unpacking process as easy as possible.

-Label your boxes clearly  – this will help your removalist company on the day and will make the first few days in your new home easier if you can quickly access kitchen supplies, bedding and pet food.

-Don’t pack valuables until the last moment and consider taking them with you. Things such as wills, passports and heirloom jewellery should be quickly accessible both for security reasons and for peace of mind.

-Make your packing do double duty – use blankets, cushions and towels to insulate breakables and keep items from moving around in half-empty boxes.

Use It All Up

In the week before your move, make an effort to use up leftover food in your fridge, freezer and pantry. This will cut down on the amount you have to move and reduces wastage.

Plan It

Have a rough plan in advance for the placement of furniture in each room of your new home. This will make your removalist’s job easier (and cheaper, if you are paying by the hour!)

Young family with little daughter moving into new house

Clean as You Go

Assemble your packed boxes in one area of your home, ready for moving day. Start cleaning your home a few days before moving day. Doing a little each day means less to do on the day itself and afterwards. If you already have access to your new place, doing a clean and tidy there will cut down on the work you need to do on moving day and shortly after you move in.

Move-Day Essentials

Have a box or bag packed for the essentials of moving day – toiletries, pet food, snacks, tea and coffee, cleaning products, some basis tools, a first aid kit and any important documentation you may need on the day.

Friends and Family

Friends and loved ones can be a great help when you move, whether it’s helping you pack boxes, looking after children and pets on moving day, storing your belongings until you are settled in, doing car trips to dispose of rubbish or donate items, cleaning or helping you set up your new home.

Show your appreciated with a gift, meal or some good old cash. Helping someone move is a true test of friendship – and patience!

Removalists are People Too

Although you are paying for the service, removalists are people too and probably don’t appreciate being treated like slaves. They do a physically demanding job which has its own set of skills.

Offering a hot or cold drink, access to the bathroom and showing basic courtesy and respect will ensure you get the best service possible

Planning a Move?

Is a move on the cards? Our handy moving checklist will make sure all the important things – both big and small – are taken care of before you move.

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