Frequently Asked Questions

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We operate all throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast.
The cost of our service will depend on the type of move you book and the size and location of the property. After our initial phone call and in-home consultation, we will provide you with a written quote which outlines the cost of our relocation services and any other services you may require.
Get in touch with us by calling or emailing our office or by using our website’s free quote service. We will have a chat about your requirements and organise an in-home consultation to get a better idea of your needs.
The Blue Lighthouse Team take all reasonable care to ensure your valuable items are not damaged during the relocation process. We have trained our staff to pack all items correctly. If you have items that are valued more than $1000.00, Blue Lighthouse Relocations recommends taking out CARTS Removals and Storage Insurance.
We offer a same-day move service – this means we pack, move unpack and set up all of your belongings, all in the same day!
Your Project Manager will be in touch with you before your relocation takes place to confirm what you need to do on the day of your relocation. Rest assured that we will have everything in hand to make sure all your requirements are met. We will make sure you’re satisfied with your move before our team leaves your new home.
Our clients come from all walks of life and living situations. Visit our website for a full list of the kinds of clients we assist each and every day.
Most certainly. We are happy to speak with you on the phone or via email at each stage of the move, to make any necessary arrangements for your loved one.
As part of our initial consultation, we will discuss with what you want to do with your belongings. We will arrange for anything you no longer need to be disposed of (through a rubbish removal service) given to a nominated recipient, or donated to charity.
We work with a number of aged care facilities and can most certainly help with the transition to their new home and next stage of life.
Our mobile storage service is perfect for this situation. We deliver a secure storage container to your residence, pack your furniture and belongings with efficiency and care, collect the packed container and take it to an off-site storage facility. When you are ready, we deliver the container to your new address.