7 Ways Your Pet Keeps You Healthy and Happy

What can improve your cardiovascular health, increase your sense of wellbeing, ease loneliness and make you a more sociable person?

A pet, of course!

Research shows that being a pet owner comes with a myriad of physical and mental health benefits, and can improve your overall happiness and wellbeing.

Here are seven ways having a pet  keeps you healthy and happy and makes your life better:

1. Regular exercise

You may not feel like walking every day – but your dog does! Regular walks (or just chasing after your pet), will help you reach your daily exercise goals, contributing to better cardiovascular health and joint health and flexibility.

2. A deeper appreciation of nature and the outdoors.

What better way to get to know your local parks, gardens, walking paths and green spaces than in the company of a furry friend? Being out in the fresh air, whatever the season, will clear your head and give your spirits a lift.

3. Life lessons in care and responsibility

Whatever your age, owning a pet teaches valuable lessons about caring for another living being, being patient and kind, and developing your communication skills.

4. Managing loneliness and depression.

Loneliness has been linked to poorer physical and mental health outcomes. Having a pet who gives you unconditional love and doesn’t care about the superficial things can ward off depression and provide comfort in difficult times

5. Providing a sense of purpose and responsibility.

For older people who no longer have family responsibilities, or those who don’t have a set routine, having to care for a pet can bring much-needed structure and a sense of purpose to each day.

6. Putting things into perspective.

Troubles and worries can sometimes threaten to overwhelm us, consuming our thoughts. Our furry friends do a great job of helping us live in the moment with their playfulness, affection and dedication to fun!

7. Social opportunities and connecting with others.

Having a pet can open up a world of social opportunities as you meet and socialise with people with a shared love of your pet breed, attend pet obedience classes, share photos of your pet on social media and make friends at your local park or walking track.

We asked the pet owners in our team to share some photos of their pets and tell us how they have made moving and settling into a new home easier for their furry family members.

Marie and 'Bailey'

‘Bailey puts a smile on all our faces each day with his cheeky, affectionate and gentle nature. As a family pet, we have bonded with Bailey in our own way. Bailey and I enjoy our daily walks which is great for our fitness and mental wellbeing. I always know he will be greeting me with enthusiasm when I come home, providing me with great comfort and love each day. Couldn’t imagine life without him.’

‘I haven’t had any experience in moving with a pet – I think Bailey would be happy wherever we are!  However, my tip would be to visit your new home with your pet prior to the move to familiarise them with the place.  Try to keep to your normal routine and have their treats and toys on hand.  It’s important to ensure it’s a safe space for them before you move.’

Bailey 2
Bailey 1

Tash and 'Maggie'

‘Maggie makes our life better by giving non-judgemental companionship, not talking back like my four kids and she doesn’t ask to borrow my phone charger! Cuddling her makes your worries just vanish briefly.’

‘We have never moved with a pet, but as long as our girl has her bed and multiple tennis balls, she will make any place her home.’

Maggie devils 2
MAggie devils 1

Tayla and 'Rosie'

‘Rosie gets so excited when we walk through the door at night after being at work all day. She jumps everywhere, making us feel really loved!’

‘When we moved recently, Rosie was lucky. We moved in with my sister who also has a dog. They are a funny duo, a rottweiler and a dachshund kelpie cross. They adore each other and have each other to play with all day!’


Tracy, 'Duke' and 'Mia'

‘Pets are part of the family. Unlike some family members, they are always happy to see you – whether you have been gone all day or just for ten minutes.’

‘They are very calming and love unconditionally. You can count on them to be by your side no matter what.’

‘When moving – my suggestion is to ensure you have on hand their favourite toys and also their blankets. Don’t wash the blankets straight away, so the smells are familiar.’

‘Equally important is to ensure that that property is secure. Don’t forget to update your pet’s information for things such as pet insurance, council registration, microchipping and vet details.’

Desktop Pic

Zoie and 'Georgie'

‘Georgie is always happy (apart from when she first wakes up). She just has to give us her funny smile or start her ‘zoomies’ around the house and we are laughing.’

‘We made is easier for our previous dog when we moved by setting up her area first, making sure she had somewhere safe with all of her favourite things such as her bed, blanket and toys. This was an area out of the way but where she could see us and know what was going on.’

‘We also let her explore the surrounding area and get used to new smells and sounds.’

BLR Pet Post - Georgie

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