Decluttering & Preparing Properties for Sale

Many older people have lived in the same location for many years so it is normal to have accumulated possessions. Unfortunately, if a house becomes too cluttered these possessions can pose a falls risk, injury risk or even fire risk if exits and access is blocked. If you are wanting to sell a property, the clutter can mean the difference between offers being made or no offers at all.

The team at Blue Lighthouse can respectfully and thoughtfully help you sort through your possessions to declutter and create a safer or more presentable living environment.

If requested, Blue Lighthouse will engage a consultant Occupational Therapist to assess the safety and access within a client’s residence to ensure the best and safest outcome or in the event of a sale we can engage a property stylist for their views on furniture that should be left in the property or added for it to be sold.

Clients who use Blue Lighthouse’s decluttering service include:

 Concerned family members wanting to ensure the safety of their loved ones

 Hospital discharge planners

 Occupational therapists

 Social workers

 Case managers for aged care providers

 Government/community based aged care providers

 People wanting to sell their home at the optimum price

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