Aged Care Relocation

Are you moving into aged care or helping a loved one to move? Blue Lighthouse will ensure that this stressful and at times overwhelming period can be easier for all involved.

Blue Lighthouse will ensure that your move is a pleasant experience by:

 Providing an assessment with the client, family member and/or nominated representative.

 Being clear and upfront about all costs and charges associated with our services.

 Listening to your requirements and ensuring we tailor our services to meet them.

 Carefully sort your possessions and under your instruction organise for their relocation, storage, sale or donation.

Assessing all furniture that you would like to take to your new residence and ensuring it will fit and provides a safe living environment.

 Managing all services, contractors and stakeholders associated with your move i.e. packing ladies, removalists, cleaners, valuers, new residence manager, existing residence manager/real estate agent.

 Ensuring your new residence is set up and ready for you to enjoy on your move in day, including setting up all digital devices, hanging pictures, making the bed and unpacking your clothes.

 Being available after your move for any questions you might have.


Clients who use Blue Lighthouse’s aged care relocation services include:

 Family members caring for loved ones.

 Aged care placement agencies.

 Those holding an Enduring Power of Attorney for someone requiring nursing care.

 Solicitors, administrators, guardians and trust companies.

 Case managers and community service providers.

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